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Need Payment and Agreements Returned!

Your order is now in our system, but we cannot prepare the Feasibility Tax Report until we receive your payment and signed copies of the Property Tax Consultant Agreement and Agent Assignment Forms.

Payment: Please send a check to the address below or call our office with credit card information

Click on the button below to view the Property Tax Consultant Agreement and Agent Assignment Forms.

Print and Sign these documents and return by: 
Fax (970-926-1134)
or  Mail to: Pack Appraisal Company, PO Box 266, Edwards, CO  81632
or  Scan and Email to: Info@EagleCountyTaxAppeal.com

After we receive your payment and the Signed Property Tax Consultant Agreement and Letter of Agency/Statement of Authority Forms, we will send you a confirmation of receipt of your order by email.  Contact us if you do not receive this confirmation.  Also remember to set you email filters to accept email from Info@EagleCountyTaxAppeal.com.