Order Tax Protest Services

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Fees for Services are based on a sliding scale, which vary depending on the property’s Actual Value. Go to the Fees for Services page for a fee schedule to determine the fee for your property.

A Feasibility Tax Report must be ordered first. When the Feasibility Tax Report is completed, we will deliver a copy to you.  If we can support a reduction in value, we will file a Tax Protest Report with the Assessor and take the appeal to a reasonable conclusion.  Our compensation will be a 35% Contingent Fee of any tax savings generated over the two tax years affected by this valuation.  We only get paid a contingent fee if we are successful in achieving a reduction in value for your property.

Ordering Options

The following options are available to place an order for the Feasibility Tax Report:

Online Order Form

The easiest method is to go to our online order form, select your property, provide your contact information, and select the option to pay by credit card or send in a check.  You will need to print, sign, and return the Property Tax Consultant Agreement and the Agent Assignment and Verification form by fax or mail.

Print Order Form

Open the PDF file that contains a summary of our tax appeal program and all the forms required to place an order.  Fill out the forms and fax or mail back with credit card information, or mail in with a check.  Formed included are:

Order Form
Property Tax Consultant Agreement
Letter of Agency & Statement of Authority forms

Contact Us

Email or Call Our Office and we can deliver the necessary order forms to you.

Important!  You must sign and deliver by fax or mail the Order Form, Property Tax Consultant Agreement, and the Agent Verification form.  Your order cannot be activated without these signed documents and Full Payment for a Feasibility Tax Report.

Fax Order to:
(970) 926-1134

Mail Order to:
Eagle County Tax Appeal
PO Box 266
Edwards, CO  81632